Midwest Terminal offers a variety of products and services that benefit the operations of the companies we serve.  Our customers’ needs are our priority, and we are available day or night to quickly respond to any situation that arises.


Many of our customers rely on Midwest Terminal to proactively manage their inventories of fuel and lubricants. We offer electronic tank monitoring to ensure that our customers always have an adequate supply. We also hand-gauge tanks where electronic monitoring is not suitable. We offer lube sampling, fuel testing, maintenance, and treatment programs. Through our relationship with Chevron, Phillips 66, Kendall, and Citgo, we are able to provide lubricant training for our customers’ maintenance staff.


Fuel and Lube Quality Control Program


Electronic Tank Monitoring


Storage Tank Sales and Rentals


Petroleum Equipment


Direct to Locomotive Fueling


Shore to Vessel Fueling

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Midwest Terminal offers a complete product line of Chevron, Phillips 66, Kendall, and Citgo lubricants, greases, and oils.  Lubricant products are available in bulk, totes, drums, pails, and cases. Please contact us to see how we can meet your lubricant, fuel, or chemical needs.

Our facility undergoes a quality control audit by a third party to ensure that all lubricants maintain the highest product integrity from the source point through bulk storage, repackaging, and delivery to our customers. Midwest Terminal has earned recognition from Chevron and Phillips 66 for our operational standard of excellence.  Our customers are always welcome to schedule a tour of our facility.

Midwest Terminal is fully equipped to provide direct-to-locomotive (DTL) fueling for the railroad industry, as well as shore-to-vessel fueling for the marine industry.

Lubricant and Related Products

Engine Oils Metal Working Fluids
Hydraulic Fluids Industrial Oils
Transmission Fluids Food Grade Lubricants
Gear Oils Environmentally Friendly Lubricants
Greases Antifreeze and Coolants

Engine Oils

Hydraulic Fluids

Transmission Fluids

Gear Oils


Metal Working Fluids

Industrial Oils

Food Grade Lubricants

Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

Fuel and Related Products

Diesel Fuel Biodiesel
Gasoline Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Kerosene Gas and Diesel Additives
Racing Gas Fuel Cleaning and Polishing

Diesel Fuel



Rasing Gas


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Gas and Diesel Additives

Chemicals & Other Products

Antifreeze and Coolants Methyl Amyl Ketone
Washer Solvent Ethylene Glycol
Mineral Spirits Propylene Glycol
Oil Dry Acetone
Industrial Methanol Isopropyl Alcohol
Xylene Toluene

Antifreeze and Coolants

Washer Solvent

Mineral Spirits

Oil Dry

Industrial Methanol


Methyl Amyl Ketone

Ethylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol


Isopropyl Alcohol


Petroleum Equipment

Tank Sales and Rentals Fuel Card Systems
Custom Oil System Installation Electronic Tank Monitors
Hoses and Reels Drum, Pail, and Tote Pumps
Fuel Transfer Pumps Farm Pumps
Fuel Nozzles and Filters State Permitting

Tank Sales and Rentals

Custom Oil System Installation

Hoses and Reels

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fuel Nozzles and Filters

Fuel Card Systems

Electronic Tank Monitors

Drum, Pail, and Tote Pumps

Farm Pumps

State Permitting

Affiliations for Lubricants

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Affiliations for Equipment and Additives

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