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  Gary Jackson
cell 270-994-5107
office 270-408-4447
  Kenny Campbell
cell 270-994-5115
office 270-408-4446
Daniel Finke
cell 270-994-5116
office 270-408-4443

Our sales force has a combined total of more than 75 years in the fuel and lubricant industry. During this time, they have earned
many valued customers, to whom they give their undivided attention. 

Our salesmen are well-respected in the lubricant industry as well as key team members at Midwest Terminal. Their affiliation with
large companies, such as Phillips 66, Conoco 76, Citgo, and Marathon, keep them knowledgeable on the latest equipment
technologies, environmental standards, and food grade requirements. This ensures that their customers’ products fit not only
their needs but are also compliant with current regulations. Along with their vast knowledge of fuel and lubricants, our salesmen
are committed to serving their customers 24/7 so their businesses can remain successful, even during emergency situations. 

Midwest Terminal is always accepting new customers. If you have a fuel or lubricant need or would like an analysis on your current
usage, feel free to contact our main office at 270-442-0362 or one of our sales staff using the contact information located above.